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The Translator behind MOTSmento



After five years of study, I earned my master’s degree in Specialized Translation for English and German in 2009 before working as an in-house translator in translation agencies near Montpellier.

However, I felt the pull of my native region of Béarn and in 2015 decided to get back to my roots and move home.

My passion for languages and words, and my endless curiosity, help me immerse myself in every text to transpose it and adapt it to my mother tongue.

Translating requires a perfect mastery of one’s native language and a thorough understanding of the nuances of the languages to be translated. A translation should hide in plain sight.

Translating means gathering information and researching. Sometimes, it also means creating and adapting.

I founded MOTSmento in order to offer my services as a translator.

I follow a detailed process to offer my clients the best service possible for each and every project entrusted to me. 

Contact me here to learn more!


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